NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals’ Expansion Approach To Treating Comorbid Disorders With Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals

October 27, 2020

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals’ expansion in Conroe, Texas, is taking a unique approach to treating patients. The hospital welcomes patients with many complex medical comorbid disorders and severe psychiatric disorders. Cameron Gilbert, Ph.D., works with patients to ensure that they get the care that they need while struggling with more than one health issue, mental or otherwise.


Patients with comorbid disorders are too physically or neurologically ill to be treated at a standard psychiatric hospital. Patients who need special care thrive at NeuroPsychiatric Hospital as they are given both the physical and mental care that they need to get well.  At the same time, “our patients are too emotionally or behaviorally impaired to go to a regular general acute hospital.   These patients fall right between the cracks”, stated Gilbert.


NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals’ founder, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana, is excited to expand to be able to serve even more patients. Many patients who receive treatment at NeuroPsychiatric Hospital have found that they have nowhere else to go – many other healthcare organizations have given up hope for these patients.


Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana believes that no patient is without hope, and he works to restore the health of patients who have struggled through their healthcare treatment elsewhere.


NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, led by Dr. Cameron Gilbert, provides a safety net to people in the surrounding community. When a hospital or psychiatric care facility is unable to give a patient the care that they need and deserve, Dr. Cameron Gilbert steps in to take over.


Dr. Cameron Gilbert serves many different populations at NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, from the affluent to people who receive fixed incomes. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana recognizes that both physical and mental illness does not discriminate, and people from all walks of life should get the best health care possible to help them understand and stay well.


Patients at NeuroPsychiatric Hospital come to Dr. Cameron Gilbert and NPH from many different places in the community, including emergency rooms, nursing homes, group homes, from a referral by law enforcement, and more. Dr. Cameron Gilbert believes in creating strong relationships with community leaders to meet the needs of a community’s most vulnerable populations.


Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana thrives on helping patients who have comorbid disorders that need intense treatment, and are not able to be treated at a traditional facility. With the Conroe expansion, Dr. Cameron Gilbert is hopeful that he’ll be ready to serve a new community to help their struggling populations get the mental and physical health care that they need to live their best lives.