Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Discusses Ways Technology Is Improving Patient Experiences

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals

May 22, 2020

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Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospital discusses four major ways the latest technologies are improving psychiatric care.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital 35Recent improvements in technology have greatly improved the functionality of psychiatric hospitals, like the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital of South Bend, Indiana. These improvements are making experiences better than ever for patients, their families, and the physicians, and in recent years, these technological advancements have been surging.

Experts like Dr. Cameron Gilbert of the NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals describes how new technologies have opened an entirely new horizon in terms of mental health data collection and support. A major way patients and physicians are taking advantage of technological advancements are through the use of smartphones, tablets, and computer programs. These devices, commonly used at the NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals, allow data and other information to be accessed immediately, many times in the palm of the hand.

“We are seeing a serious rise in mental health apps,” Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals says. “These apps allow us to collect important patient statistics more easily, detect changes in behavior, and even signal for help. Mental health apps are going to help prevent a lot of crises in the coming years if they can get the patient to the correct level of care more quickly,” according to Dr. Gilbert.

Online support groups and telehealth services are other ways patients are experiencing superior care at the NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals and other mental health facilities around the globe. Following treatment, many patients and families can turn to online support groups to communicate with other participants. Mental health professionals can also provide courses and educational resources through online mediums.

Telehealth services also allow patients to consult with their health care providers via video chat on a smartphone or other device. This will enable patients to receive immediate contact with a NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals provider. It also provides freedom for health care professionals, as many can consult patients without having to meet face-to-face. Telehealth services offer more access to care, assist in making patients feel more comfortable, and create a tighter bond between the patient and caregiver than audio calls alone.

“As expert providers, we see telehealth services as a way to connect with our patients on a deeper level,” Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals stated. Dr. Gilbert also said, “We’re available to them more often by providing a human connection that doesn’t have to involve an in-person appointment at the office.”

Telehealth advancements, internet support groups, online resources, and the latest mental health applications are helping cut costs while improving patient and provider experiences. Healthcare providers like Dr. Cameron Gilbert and others at the NeuroPsychiatric Hospital see this as a win-win for everyone involved. Advancements in mental health technologies are expected to continue surging throughout 2020, and beyond.