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is a system of hospitals that specialize in the treatment of patients who have serious acute psychiatric events

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NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals (NPH) is a system of hospitals that specialize in the treatment of patients who have serious acute psychiatric events and comorbid medical and/or neurological disorders. NeuroPsychiatric Hospital patients are too medically and/or neurologically ill to go to a traditional psychiatric hospital for treatment; and, at the same time, they are too psychiatrically impaired to be admitted to a traditional medical hospital. One example of a patient that would need to go to a NeuroPsychiatric Hospital facility would be a 55-year-old patient who is acutely psychotic, a danger to self and others PLUS has an infectious disease such as AIDS. Another example would be a 20-year-old who suffers with extreme mood swings, is very violent and has Autism. A third example would be an 85-year-old with a severe dementia, is violent towards others and has acute kidney disease and diabetes.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals is the intersection of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. Our unique patients require fulltime treatment from both medical specialties and belong to an excessively growing population of patients with little or no treatment options. Most of the NPH patients go to local emergency rooms for treatment which result in clogging up of the emergency care system for others while offering no real treatment for the patient. Additional referral sources for NPH are nursing homes, group homes, other psychiatric hospitals, and law enforcement. All referrals are community-based (not physician dependent) as these hospitals serve as a safety net for local communities. Patients range from NFL players to professionals to those that are homeless. These diseases are not isolated to any class of individuals and equally destroy the lives of any societal group of patients and families.

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